China Best Sales Double Pitch Conveyor Chains with Extended Pins C2052DF1 C210AF4 C2052-D4 C2050-D5 C212AHL-D4 C2062-D6 with Hot selling

Double Pitch Conveyor Chains with Extended Pins

C2052DF1 C210AF4 C2052-D4 C2050-D5 C212AHL-D4 C2062-D6

Double-pitch conveyor chains equipped with extended pins are referred to as extended-pitch chains. They feature a double-pitch design which doubles the pitch of the normal ANSI-B29.3 chain. For light-duty and agricultural conveyor applications usually require a double pitch chain.

Double pitch chains featuring extended pins are usually more thick and longer than the other types. They are specifically designed to withstand heavy load and shock loads. They’re usually equipped with holes that are ball-swaged. This allows for a precise chain pitch, and also the loading of sprockets around them. The holes also stop cracks caused by fatigue from spreading across the links.


Chain No. P b1 d2 d3 L 3 L
mm mm mm mm mm mm
C2052DF1 31.75 9.40 5.08 7.5 14.15 33.6
C210AF4 31.75 9.40 5.08 11.00 34.00 53.7
C2052-D4 31.75 9.40 5.08 6.00 32.40 52.0
C2050-D5 31.75 9.40 5.08 8.00 40.00 59.7
C212AHL-D4 38.10 12.57 5.94 8.00 25.00 53.0
C2062-D6 38.10 12.57 5.94 12.00 25.00 49.7

Double Pitch Conveyor Chains Features

Double Pitch Conveyor Chains are a common choice for light-to-medium-duty material handling applications. They are manufactured using similar components to a standard chain, but with longer plates and thinner rollers. These chains also meet standard requirements and are governed by ANSI B29.4 and ISO 1275-A standards.

Double-pitch chains can be purchased in several varieties. The C2000 double-pitch roller chain is similar to ANSI standard roller chains, but features a double-pitch design. Its side plates are straight, with similar contours. Double-pitch roller chains are also available with larger roller diameters. These chains can roll on flat surfaces with minimum friction.

Double-Pitch Conveyor Chains are commonly used in agricultural and light-duty applications. They have a high breaking strength and excellent abrasion resistance. Double-pitch roller chains are also available in metric and A-style designs. These are commonly found in European-style equipment.

Double-pitch chains are typically available with stainless steel side plates and a wide variety of other features. They come in a range of pitches. These chains are also available with a straight or peanut-shaped attachment. They can be lubricated to extend their life.

Sprockets for Chains

There are numerous kinds of chains with sprockets. They are typically made of stainless steel while others are made of non-stainless stainless steel. Sprockets made of stainless steel are suitable for extreme environments. They are typically made of 304-grade stainless steel. There are also stainless steel sprockets that are 316-grade that are perfect for extremely corrosive conditions. Apart from the standard sizes, you can locate idler sprockets fitted with an internal ball bearing.

There are 2 different standards for the sprockets you can use: ISO and metric. ISO is the standard used by the majority of American, European, and Asian machines. For the United States, ISO sprockets are used to ensure compliance with strict standards and metric sprockets are more adaptable and interchangeable with chains of European design. Most of the time, they are interchangeable; however, there are some exceptions to this principle.

The most popular type of sprockets is constructed of plastic or metal. These devices are closely connected to gears and their wheel-shaped teeth allow them to cover longer distances than the counterparts. A majority of chain and sprocket designs are identical to chains used in bicycles.

When choosing sprockets to use on chains, you must find out the pitch and size of your chain. Based on the requirements of your needs, it is possible to choose a sprocket with large teeth or a sprocket that has smaller teeth. Apart from pitch, it is important to think about the dimensions of your drive shaft. For instance, if the chain is very large it will require an sprocket with a large diameter. If you have smaller chain, then you’ll require an sprocket that has smaller teeth. In the same way, you must take into consideration the bore on the sprocket.

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